About Us

About Arapahoe Ranch

Hello. We are Chad and Audra Johnston, owners here at Arapahoe Ranch. We both grew up ranching in Nebraska and Colorado. We recently purchased the Arapahoe Ranch in 2022, but the ranch itself has a rich heritage and history which all started with the Meyers Land and Cattle Co. The Arapahoe was the ranch’s original headquarters (not called the Arapahoe until later on).

The Meyer’s land and cattle Co. spanned over 150,000 back in the day.  Throughout the years the ranch has changed hands several times and been home to some of the finest Hereford cattle and now home to our Angus herd and performance horses.


Bunk with us

Time seems to stand still at Arapahoe Ranch. Immerse yourself in the legendary west and secluded plains of the sandhills and pause from life's everyday demands under starlit night skies and stunning western sunsets.

Reconnect, and relax  in unbridled peace on your next ranch destination while capturing the western way of life.

The Ranch House is READY

for your next vacation!

Bunk With Us